iPhone 5s stress test featuring water and a 50-Cal. rifle [Video]

It’s customary every year that when Apple release a new device, a small handful of internet household names take it upon themselves to destroy those brand new devices within days of their launch.

This year, YouTube’s RatedRR has brought together drop tests, water, and a Barret M82A1 to push the iPhone 5s to the very extremes of device durability. As you can expect, the iPhone 5s didn’t stack up so well against that last test…

Interestingly enough, the iPhone 5s failed the dirt drop test, but passed when it was dropped on much harder concrete. Dropped in water, the iPhone 5s continued to function as normal, right down to the fingerprint scanner.

Finally, the iPhone 5s came up against the 50-cal., with the huge round punching a whole through the device as if it were made of paper. A second shot, this time angled through the device from the base, completely obliterated the phone. If you’re still waiting to receive your iPhone 5s, then watching this video might cause you some emotional trauma. That aside, there is some absolutely awesome slow motion footage of all the testing and destruction I’ve mentioned, so be sure to check it out below!

In recent tests, results seem to suggest that the iPhone 5s, and its sister device the 5c are actually more breakable than its predecessor. Receiving a breakability score of 5.5, and 6 respectively, higher than the iPhone 5’s score of 5.

Via: Redmond Pie


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