iPhone 5s pre-orders available in China and Hong Kong on Sept. 17, most likely to deter scalpers


The image above is a snapshot from the HK Apple page stating that the iPhone 5s will be available to pre-order on September 17th. As we all know by now, Apple will not be accepting pre-orders from any of the other 7 countries due to have the device on launch day, one week from today.

Reasons behind offering the iPhone 5c on pre-order today and not the 5s have seen a broad range of reasons. Two of the most popular seem to be either: a careful marketing campaign to lure impatient buyers the in to buying the cheaper model with higher profit margins. Or, the most sensible is that Apple’s manufacturing partners are finding it more difficult to build the iPhone 5s than they are the 5c. The fingerprint sensor can’t be an easy process of assembly, and yield rates could affect launch times and supply.

Whatever the reason, it won’t change the fact that if we want an iPhone 5s we’ll either have to order it online on September 20th or go line up for one.

It begs the question then: Why do China and Hong Kong get pre-orders/registrations when we don’t?

The answer is fairly simple. These pre-orders are for collection in-store, and for very good reason. At iPhone launches in the past in HK and China, lines full of hundreds of people are almost always infiltrated by “scalpers” working for the grey markets. They take up places near the front of the lines, buy up to two devices each, and take all the stock before genuine customers get the chance. It’s caused riots in the past, and more importantly, the only way eager buyers can then get hold of an iPhone is to pay over the odds for one around the corner in an alley. I’m sure you can see why Apple thinks this isn’t a good thing.

By offering up pre-orders for store collection, it offers genuine buyers the chance to reserve stock, limiting the opportunity for scalpers to grab hold of all the iPhones. It’s a smart move by Apple, and is one we’ve seen in the past for a few launches.

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  • fevostone

    Well that is not nice I’ve been buying iPhones from day one :-/