iPhone 5s’ M7 chip to be used for indoor mapping and public transit in future devices?


Apple introduced two new components to its iPhone lineup on Tuesday. One was the Touch ID sensor for reading fingerprints. The other was the M7 chip. M7 in its current iteration is used exclusively for motion tracking. It tracks your movements by translating all the signals given off by your accelerometer, compass and gyroscope. By doing this, it should help your iPhone 5s use its battery more efficiently. But the future holds a lot more than what it’s currently being tasked with doing.

According to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, it’ll be integrated with Apple’s Maps app. Its specific purposes here are to show up accurate indoor mapping information, a technology we know Apple’s been working on for some time. So, when you go indoors – or your phone goes in to a building – it will still be able to track where it is, down to an incredible level of detail. Say for instance you forget where you’ve put your phone, you’ll log in to ‘Find My iPhone’ and see that it’s in your kitchen. Or, if it’s stolen, you and/or the law enforcement workers will be able to track it down.

That’s not all:

Sources say that Apple is testing a tool for its Maps app that, with the M7 chip, could analyze when your car is parked. When you park your car, the iPhone will register the car’s location. Now, when you return to a parking lot (for example) to locating your car, your iPhone will be able to help you assist with finding your car since it knows the vehicle’s location.

Technically, it’s already capable of doing that, since the M7 is able to tell when you’re walking or driving. All the ingredients are there, Apple just needs to integrate it in to the platform.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • Amazing how far location information has come. If Apple is able to pull this off, the iPhone will inherently become a more useful device.