iPhone 5s and 5c batteries both higher capacity than iPhone 5

batterytableOne of the most desired new features for the iPhone 5s before its launch was a better battery. Although many tech enthusiasts would perhaps have preferred a much bigger improvement, Apple did take its usage time up to 10 hours for the first time. And there’s good  reason for that.

AnandTech did some “poking through” some FCC documents and found that the iPhone’s battery has had its capacity increased. iPhone 5 had 1,440 mAh and both the 5s and 5c have over 1500mAh, with the 5s being the larger of the two new devices with roughly 1570mAh. Granted, it’s not a massive increase, but it’s certainly better than what we have currently.

Now, it’s not just the battery size that should help the 5s last longer. It also features a new M7 chip designed to manage all your phones movement sensors. What that means is your main CPU can remain completely inactive if you’re phone’s locked and you’re using an app like the new Nike+ Moves application for monitoring your daily activities.

Via: AnandTech


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