iPhone 5c Unboxing and First Impressions [VID]

iPhone launch day is here, to any fanboy (even the most reserved) it’s a more exciting day than Christmas morning. Having survived something of a hairy moment with UPS (they apparently tried to deliver and I wasn’t in, except I was totally in), I got them to send someone else out and finally have Apple’s “unapologetically plastic” iPhone in my hands.

First off, the packaging completely matches the look and feel of the phone. It’s plastic, and is somewhat reminiscent of the iPod touch’s retail packaging. Opening it requires peeling off a thin layer of adhesive tape, then lifting off the transparent dome lid. Inside are all the usual gubbins: cable, wall adapter, EarPods and user guide. My version came with an ejector tool, curiously redesigned and looks more like a folded paper clip.

Once I got the phone in my hands, I got exactly what I’d expected. It feels fantastic. Being plastic it’s warmer than the cold aluminum body of the iPhone 5 which makes it so much more inviting. The curved edges and glossy back look and feel brilliant, even if it is noticeably heavier than the iPhone 5. It doesn’t feel thin and flimsy like a lot of other plastic phones, thanks to the steel reinforced rear shell, and – on first inspection – provides the same fluid performance of its predecessor. The display is the same, sharp color-popping panel found in the iPhone 5 and is very responsive.

I’ve not had enough time with it to come up with a proper review, but let’s just say that early impressions are very good indeed. Looking forward to spending the next few days with it. In the mean time, I welcome any questions, no matter haw silly you think they are. Quiz me on twitter: @TiP_Cam

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  • adamoram

    Looks really nice!

  • kylem12

    Can’t wait to get out of work today, my phone is waiting on my doorstep!!

  • Loal

    You have amazing hands