iPhone 5c case roundup, featuring Otterbox, Griffin, Incipio, Belkin and more…

It’s been 24 hours since Apple held its iPhone launch event and my email inbox has been bombarded with announcements from a good number of accessory makers, proud to show off their new cases for the iPhone 5c. Varying in price, style and materials used, there’s already a massive selection to choose from.

Otterbox – Defender and Commuter

otterbox 5c

Otterbox has debuted two familiar names for iPhone 5c: Defender Series case ($59.90) and Commuter ($39.90). Like previous generations, they feature two layers. What I particularly like is that you can choose your own color combination, much in the same way you can with Apple’s own cases. Your inner layer (shell) could be lime green – for instance -with your outer sleeve/skin could be another entirely. It gives you tons of options, and being Otterbox will keep your phone very well protected. The Commuter is accepted as being the slightly more stylish and less bulky of the two cases.

If you’re boring, and like to save money, you could go with black/black as your color choice and save some money: $34.95 for the black Commuter and $49.95 for the black Defender Series. (Pictures on the site show the case on the 5 not 5c.) Right now, these cases aren’t available, but you can leave your details with Otterbox to get notified as soon as they’re available for sale. Check Otterbox.com for more details.

Incipio – Feather and NGP

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 18.49.31

Incipio’s a company I’ve grown to respect tremendously over the past couple of years. They’ve fast become one of the market leaders in the case and accessory scene, and for good reason. Few companies offer the same wide range of styles, while retaining a distinct look and feel. I could list all the cases here for the iPhone 5c, but there are so many, I decided to pick out a couple of my favorites. Feather ($24.99) is a hard shell snap-on case. No real breakthrough features, but I love the way they perfectly match the colors of the iPhone 5c. One of my favorite product lines is the NGP ($19.99), unlike the Feather it’s a more impact resistant, thick silicone material. Again, they’re not available yet, but they will be fairly soon. Keep an eye on the Incipio iPhone 5c cases landing page.

Belkin – Grip Candy


As you’d expect, Belkin’s announced a few different cases for iPhone 5c and 5s. My own favorite design was the simple Grip Candy. What I like is the dark, translucent back and how it perfectly combines with the blue edges, the button covers are also fantastic. The Grip Candy costs $29.99 and will be available to buy from Belkin.com soon.

Moshi – iGlaze Remix

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 19.06.27

“With bold colors and starting at $99, the iPhone 5c will appeal to a broader audience, which will likely include more of the younger demographic. With this in mind, Moshi created iGlaze Remix with six new brightly-hued dual-tone color options, a high-gloss finish and a durable flexible construction. iGlaze Remix is an ideal case for 5c users interested in extra protection and additional options to Apple’s color choices.

Like all cases in the iGlaze line, iGlaze Remix for iPhone 5C provides an incredibly slim fit for the device while adding an element of modern sophistication. iGlaze Remix cloaks the device’s native color, allowing users to customize and personalize their new iPhone 5c.”

The case will be available to buy from MoshiMonde.com for $30 from October.

 Griffin – Survivor Clear


Again, Griffin will be making a wide range of its cases available in an iPhone 5c compatible design, but the one that stuck out to me was front and center on the PR release. The Survivor is essentially a clear plastic back surrounded by a thick and durable bumper that protects the edges and corners of your device. It’s fantastically protective, and it shows off your new iPhone’s color perfectly. It’ll be available from GriffinTechnology.com for $29.99 soon.



X-Doria has announced 5 new cases for iPhone 5c, all of which are striking in design and will cost between $19-$29 when they launch. Head on over to check them out at X-Doria.com.

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