iOS App Store now allows users to download older app versions to support legacy iOS versions

Apple has just updated its App Store (very quietly at that) to allow users with older devices and software versions to download the last compatible version of any app. For instance, if you’re running iOS 5 and the latest version of any particular app requires iOS 6.1 or later, you’ll get the option to download the most recent iOS 5 compatible update.

The news comes via Reddit, and has sparked a lot of conversation. Below is a screenshot of the pop-up notification you can expect to see when trying to download an app not compatible with your older iOS software:

DsGdm2bWith iOS 7 set to land tomorrow, this update to the App Store couldn’t have come at a better time. Hundreds, if not thousands, of apps will be updated to be compatible with iOS 7, leaving anyone running iOS 6 on either jailbroken devices or older iPhones, iPods and iPads without their favorite apps.

We’re yet to test this feature fully. But, I have an old 2007 iPhone running iOS 3.1.3 in a box here, I think I may have to awake it from its slumber to see how far back you can go. We know so far that it’ll work with iOS 5.0 devices. Whether iOS 3.1.3 compatible versions are supported is unknown.

We’d love to hear your experiences on this. Are you running an older version of iOS? Have you seen this message pop up?

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  • ThomDavey

    No, I tried it with iPod touch 1g 3.1.3, it doesn’t work unfortunately, maybe it’s too many updates back