iOS 7 blocking Lightning cables from some third-party manufacturers

In earlier betas of iOS 7 Apple warned against the use of third-party Lightning cables stating that the accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with the iDevice it is plugged into.

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In what is a fairly unsurprising move, Apple has now gone one step further and is now actively blocking the use of such cables.

It was first spotted in a Reddit post and later confirmed by 9to5Mac that the public launch version of iOS is now stopping the cable from charging the device to which it is connected.

You may have noticed this yourself if you use cheap cable you acquired that was not Apple certified and may also be wondering how this is even possible.

In order to use the “Made for iPhone” logo, the accessory manufacturer must have spent time and money meeting Apple’s criteria and gaining their official and explicit approval. This is an expensive process and many of the low-end accessory makers have decided to skip this step and produce accessories to their own standards and avoid dealing with Apple directly. They then sell these accessories, such as cables, that work just fine in most cases, but may not always be safe in the long run.

In order to clamp down on this Apple introduced a warning message to users in an earlier beta of iOS 7 and now, in the public release of iOS 7, it is no longer an empty threat.

We know that some third-party charging equipment may have been responsible for injury and even death in the worst cases and it has been a focus for Apple of late so it is not exactly surprising to see this implemented in iOS 7.

Is this another overly controlling step by Apple, are they looking out for their own wallets or are they looking out for user safety and quality assurance? I guess it’s probably a bit of everything in this case.

Either way, if your cable has suddenly stopped working you might want to head on over to the Apple Store and get yourself an official Lightning cable because your old cable is essentially useless now.

Via: 9to5Mac

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