iOS 7 beats out competition in “User Experience Shootout”

iOS 7 was released just under a week ago, and already adoption rates have broken records. Well, to see how it stacked up against the competition (and even earlier revisions of iOS), Pfeiffer Consulting put together a “User Experience Shootout” involving iOS 7, iOS 6, Android (specifically Samsung’s TouchWiz), Windows Phone 8, and BB10. Overall, iOS 7 beat out the competition definitively, slipping only in a few categories (and losing to its predecessor a few times as well).


Android and iOS 7 tied when it came to “efficiency and integration,” which included looking at things such as camera access and multitasking. Apple’s new take on multitasking earned it a lot of credit for this category, helping to bring iOS 7 up to tie Android whereas iOS 6 was lower. BB10 came in 4th, and Windows Phone 8 in last (that seemed to be a general trend).

mobileOSuserexperienceindex When it comes to user experience index, which is basically just the overall look, feel, and use of the operating system, iOS 7 beat out all the others, when iOS 6 coming in right behind it. Android and BB10 were each close with Android barely beating it, and of course WP8 comes in last. iOS 7 brought with it a large number of enhancements over iOS 6, but seems to have only gone up 3.25 points over iOS 6.


ios7cognitiveloadThe “cognitive load comparison” measured how many different pieces of information users had to remember in order to fully use the operating system. This involved looking at how many preinstalled applications came on the devices, and how many different settings there are that a user has access to. As you can see, because of the complexity and jumbled mess that is Android settings, that came in last with a very poor score (lower is better here). iOS 7 was barely beat out by iOS 6, which is attributed to the addition of Control Center in the new OS, coming close to a tie with WP8, followed by BB10 in 4th.
ios7customization-1024x240 Customization options should be fairly self-explanatory, as it is how much a customer can make “theirs” on a device. iOS 7 came in 2nd, improving upon iOS 6 but still falling short of Android. Android’s ability to select default applications from 3rd party apps in Google Play is a reason for this, as well as the option for widgets on the home screen. BB10 came in 4th again, while the lackluster WP8 came in 5th. WP8’s poor score was attributed to things such as the inability to choose a home screen wallpaper or put apps into some sort of folder.


ios7uxfLastly, the “user experience friction comparison” measures how often things happens that you don’t expect to happen. iOS 7’s slightly higher score than iOS 6 is again attributed to Control Center, however both still beat out the rest. Android came in 3rd, nearly 50 points worse than iOS 7. BB10 was in 4th and Windows Phone 8 was in 5th again. Overall, iOS is very intuitive, and for the most part everything that happens on it is what you expect it to do.

iOS 7 was called the most user friendly operating system of the bunch, with Pfeiffer Consulting saying “Apple has achieved its goal to move iOS into the modern smartphone era. Despite some controversial design aspects, iOS 7 is pleasant and more fluid to use than other mobile operating systems.”

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Via: Pfeiffer Consulting

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  • DrewPage

    Well, sure, this is not surprising.  iOS 7 is not only the best version of iOS, but the best mobile OS.  Easily.  I don’t say this just because I am a long time iOS user.  My backup smartphone is a Pantech Burst, which was AT&T’s very first LTE Android phone in early 2012.  It runs Android 4.0.4, but I’ve owned Android 4.2 phones also (think Jelly bean).

  • WonkaOnMyWilly

    I like android, I traded my Iphone 4s for a Asus Transformer TF700T tablet that has been bulletproof. I am always covered by wifi where ever I go so I dumped the outrageous cellphone bill also, a true win win.