iOS 7 adoption rate near 15% in just six hours

iOS 7 Adoption Chart

iOS 7 has been all the talk today. Whether it’s our conversations here at Today’s iPhone about updating to the public release, or my friends excited on Twitter, it seems as if everyone is excited about the new era in iPhone software. It appears as if most people are happy with the new operating system, and with good word, more and more people take the plunge and decide to update their own software.

While it has only been six hours since the release of iOS 7, the software has already reached almost 15% of iOS devices. Mixpanel, a website that shows current trends, has a graph that shows the adoption rate of iOS 7 every hour, and as of 7:00 eastern, about six hours after the launch, the OS had hit an adoption rate of 14.58%. This is impressive for such a big change in operating system, and the fact that this version of iOS dropped the iPhone 3GS from support. To check out the chart, head on over to Mixpanel. It is also worth noting that the chart will not update with new information until the next hour, on the hour. Until then it will show an adoption rate of 0% for each software version (so ignore the awkward drop of both iOS 6 and 7 at the very end of the chart!). This chart is a pretty cool and interesting way to get up-to-date information on how widely adopted the new iOS will be over the next few days.

Source: Mixpanel

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