iCloud Keychain showing “coming soon”

icloudkeychainiCloud Keychain may be having some issues, as on the iOS page it not is showing as “coming soon,” whereas the rest do not have that logo above it (seen above). All of the other features do not show that, other than iOS in the car, which is known to be coming later. Now, being on both Mavericks and iOS 7, I can say that iCloud Keychain has been very, very buggy since launch of both of the betas. Hopefully this will be fixed, and is the reason it is “coming soon.”

iCloud Keychain syncs your usernames, passwords, and even credit/debit cards across all of your Apple devices running iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks. If I had to guess, this “coming soon” will only push it back until Mavericks sees public release as well, that way all iCloud Keychain capable operating systems will be out at the same time. I am a huge fan of iCloud Keychain, and, though buggy, have been fairly pleased with its implementation. That is to be expected though, as both operating systems were (are) in beta.

What do you think? Are you wondering why this could be? Looking forward to using iCloud Keychain? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iMore, Apple


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