iCloud bookmark sync now supports Chrome and Firefox on Windows


If you are a Windows user, and were disappointed that Apple discontinued Safari for Windows and you don’t want to use Internet Explorer (you can still get it, just don’t expect updates), then you will be happy to hear about this. Apple has updated its iCloud Control Panel for Windows, bringing with it the ability to sync internet bookmarks with the popular web browsers Chrome and Firefox. As you can see above, under “Bookmarks” it says “With Firefox.” By clicking on options, if you are a Windows user with this installed, you can now choose from Internet Explorer, as well as now Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.

In order to use these on the two more popular browsers, you will need to install the extensions that have been put on each’s respective extension “store,” if you will. You can get those here for Chrome and Firefox. This is the first that the two major browsers have been supported, and they are only supported on Windows, it appears. On OS X, Safari is still the browser supported with iCloud bookmark sync. I’m not sure however if installing the extensions for the browsers will allow you to use them to sync bookmarks on OS X as well or not, as I haven’t tried it personally.

What do you think? Do you use one of the two newly supported browsers? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.

Via: AppleInsider, Apple


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  • TigerAllenYim

    Finally! I have been actually tackling that since updating to the new iOS!

  • RobertSagerJordan

    Just tried to download the Firefox Extension on OSX…. Says “Not available for your platform”… So its not working for OSX… yet… Heres hoping they bring it…

  • HajarTazi