Handful of iOS 7 users fall for “iOS 7 waterproof” prank

A small number of iOS 7 users have been left mortified that their newly updated iOS devices are not waterproof, after falling for a spoof advert online.



The poster was initally uploaded to 4chan as a prank, and naturally began to circulate the internet, as these things do… As you can see, the poster claims that iOS 7 will shut off power to corresponding components in the event of a water emergency, preventing any water damage to the phone.

It pains me to admit that someone, somewhere, fell for this. One angry iPhone owner on Twitter wrote:

“Whoever said iOS was waterproof… **** you,” one iPhone owner wrote on Twitter.

Adding insult to the injury is the posters further claim that waterproofing is covered by Apple’s warranty policy, which of course, it isn’t. I hope that none of you reading this happened to fall for the prank, because if you did, all of the damages/replacement costs are on you… or if you’re lucky, you’re insurance!


Via: Cult of Mac


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  • jeppa

    Your insurance*

  • GerardoLourdes

    I can’t believe how stupid some people can be.