Gold iPhone 5s sells for over $10,000 on eBay (not made from real gold)

Gold iPhone eBay

The gold iPhone 5s is kind of like the white iPhone 4 when it first came out. You know it exists, but its pretty darn rare, and its almost as if its a mythical device. The device was in incredibly high demand, with incredibly low stock from Apple. Because of this, the device sold out in no time when it officially went on sale. But that doesn’t mean that everyone was left out of the gold iPhone party. There were still the lucky few that got their devices early enough, and some are already popping up on eBay. One was recently sold for an incredible $10,000. No, that’s not a typo, and no, the device was not made from actual gold. It was just a standard 16GB gold colored iPhone 5s.

You may be wondering who would buy the device for over 15 times its asking price for a regular iPhone. Well, so are we. Especially since you can currently buy an iPhone 5 made of real gold for just $4646 (I use just as a relative term…that’s still a ridiculous price for a cell phone!) The gold-colored iPhone 5s went on sale on Sunday afternoon, and today after 51 bids, closed at the final price of $10,100. No word as to who the final buyer is, but let’s hope they have a good plan for this device, because there is absolutely no reason to spend over $10,000 on a device that would run just $649 full retail price.

Would you ever spend more than retail price for a device? If so, how much more? (Please tell me you wouldn’t spend $10,000 on a regular iPhone!) Drop your comments below and let me know what you would do, and what you think about the person that bought this iPhone!

Source: CNET

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  • ij24s

    kbpl24 that is absolutely crazy man! Nine million iPhones sold on opening weekend. Guess who’s doomed? lol #apple

  • kbpl24

    ij24s Yup. And I don’t think anyone predicted the 5s to be as popular as it has been. I guess a lot of 4s’ are getting upgraded.

  • ij24s

    kbpl24 yeah, and I think gold color option is forcing some iPhone 5 users to 5s.

  • kbpl24

    ij24s Yeah. Except most of us have 2-yr contracts and have to pay double to be able to get it.

  • ij24s

    kbpl24 true.

  • GZeus

    I’m waiting on the red iphone 6.

  • MildlyClassic

    kunalakajim Crazy

  • ClaireyCribs

    samuelmoss92 weirdos. They need to get a life #apple #iphone #gold #clowns #moremoneythansense I’m happy in my #nokialumia bubble ;)

  • DanielMarquard

    dyountmusic A 16GB one no less. Unreal.

  • 10,000? that’s crazy they could of gave that money to some church or to help feed these people that have no food… s m d h at this fool lol

  • Sherlock Homie

    There is no way he or she would pay that amount.

  • taaayzer

    javan_cole92 Woooow. People are stupid. It’s not that serious. Haha

  • javan_cole92

    taaayzer exactly!…it’s just a phone and not even real gold.

  • taaayzer

    javan_cole92 You’re right! $10,000??? No sir.

  • theReel_Lil_T

    javan_cole92 u got ur phone yet

  • Bolttttt

    javan_cole92 this can’t be real!

  • javan_cole92

    Bolttttt yupp that shit is real. smh

  • Bolttttt

    javan_cole92 lol it must have been someone foreign

  • javan_cole92

    Bolttttt lol most likely…whoever sold it for that much is winning!
    I should have thought of that

  • dalina

    I have a gold plated Iphone 5 and well i haven’t bought it for 10.000, i got it cheaper on

  • dalina

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