FAA pushing to allow use of “airplane mode” electronics during takeoff and landing

The FAA has today recommended that airline passenger should be allowed to use their electronic devices during takeoff and landing, provided they are switched to airplane mode.

The FAA appears to have decided that switching off all cellular connections on a device will make them safe to use throughout flights, which of course, it will… This won’t come into effect any time soon, as the recommendation has only just been passed to the bigwigs of the FAA, who will have to make a decision based on the findings of substantial research, and even then, a positive outcome will still take time to come to fruition in terms of legal policies and implemented guidelines.

iPad Plane

Obviously, not being able to use your electronic devices during takeoff and landing isn’t the end of the world, and whilst there was concern that devices could wreak havoc with aircraft systems, I’m sure most people would rather they were switched off, better safe than sorry right? But now research is suggesting that it’s actually safe to use these devices without cellular connections throughout the flight, and I’m sure many people would appreciate being able to start their book a few minutes earlier, or see a film through to its end, rather than having to cut their experience off to cater for the plane’s descent.

If this new research does become a guideline, then it would certainly be nice to use electronic devices for the duration of the flight. Would you be pleased if this came into force? Or have you simply learned to live with the current restrictions? Leave your comments and thoughts below!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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