Extreme Reality brings Kinect-like motion sensing to iOS with new SDK

If you are a fan of Microsoft’s Kinect, then you are sure to be excited about Extreme Reality. What its software does is allows any 2D camera to be used as if it were something like a Kinect sensor, detecting movement of the user and allowing the user to control the software/game use body movements, not taps on a screen (see video above). The amazing part is that no external device is required, it uses the built in FaceTime camera. Now it is being released as an SDK for developers to take advantage of:

Offered as a SDK, Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion is the only technology to provide full-body, software-based, motion analysis and control to any computing device or operating system via a standard camera.  It enables developers to easily add motion experiences to existing games or applications, and to create a wide range of new experiences (applications, games, security solutions and more) that pioneer Natural User Interfaces (NUI) while breaking the physical barriers of current hardware-based technologies.  The SDK supports Unity, C++ and C# programming languages for multiple operating systems, including iOS, Windows7 and WinRT.

However, if you’re a developer reading this and looking to get your hands on the SDK, you should keep in mind that while the SDK is free to download, you must sign an agreement with Extreme Reality in order to publish applications that take advantage of the awesome software. This “contract” will require that 10-20% of revenue go to Extreme Reality. If you are interested in using it, you can head on over to its site here: Extreme Reality.

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Via: 9to5Mac, Extreme Reality

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