Coast, the new beautiful and intuitive browser by Opera – A first look [VID]

Opera launched a brand new browser for iPad today, and it’s so far removed from any other browser it’s almost hard to recognized it as one. Featuring a fantastic card system you can add your favorite sites to you home screen, or dismiss open pages by flicking them off the screen and the search/address bar is placed front and center instead of being at the top. Although it doesn’t look and feel like a “proper” browser, it is quick and its intuitive and beautiful user interface makes it a much more pleasant experience than using Safari or Chrome.

iTunes Link:

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  • BOhUiginn

    I absolutely love this UI, but I don’t find the browser very quick. I don’t know if there’s a setting I’m missing or something, but this browser is very slow. Safari is so much faster. I’d love it if Coast was at least as fast as Safari. Coast’s UI is the best browser experience I’ve ever had. Needs to pick up the pace a little.

  • Demonstro

    @BOhUiginn Apple does not allow other browsers with other engines than their version of WebKit and serves these browsers a slower JavaScript interpreter than the one they use themselves for Safari. It goes without saying that Safari always will be the fastest browser in such an environment.