China Mobile preparing to launch iPhone 5s, 5c?

U4672P2DT20130923135007It has long been rumored that Apple would finally be able to bring its devices to the 740 million subscriber strong carrier, China Mobile. Being the largest carrier in the world, it is obvious why Apple wanted to strike a deal with this company to bring its highly sought after devices to the carrier, giving Apple another 740 million possible customers. The supposed poster above comes courtesy of Sina Tech, who claims that it shows the marketing that China Mobile will use to advertise the latest Cupertino handsets.

If this is to be believed, than it should be pointed out that this shows the devices as 3G variants, not LTE. China has yet to give LTE licenses to the Chinese carriers, but China Mobile might want to just get this out as soon as possible, even though the devices do include LTE connectivity and approval for use on China Mobile’s bands. What China Mobile is expected to do is ship the 5s and 5c without LTE enabled, then use a software update to enable it in the future when it receives the licenses to do so.

The iPhone 5s and 5c officially went on sale this past Friday, and I even waited in line starting at 3:30am to get one. The 5c went on preorder a week beforehand, and began delivering on the 20th. Today Apple announced that over 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c devices had been sold (combined number), and iOS 7 has reached 200 million installs since its release on September 18th. That’s some crazy numbers, so who wants to start the “Apple is doomed” jokes?

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Via: AppleInsider, Sina Tech


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