China & Hong Kong iPhone 5s pre-order stock sells out in minutes

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 15.07.45

From today, prospective iPhone 5s owners were able to reserve their devices online to pick up in store on Friday, September 20th. But, after just a few minutes of reservations being available, every version of the iPhone 5s is completely unavailable in Hong Kong.

Considering how fast the iPhone 5s is selling out in China and Hong Kong, it could say one of two things: Demand is stupidly high for this year’s model. Or, supply is low. As much as we’re hoping it’s the former, since Apple didn’t allow pre-orders on the iPhone 5s we can only assume that it is proving more difficult to manufacture than the iPhone 5c.

On that note, in many nations across the globe, the iPhone 5c is still holding up well. Here in the UK you can still order and receive it by Friday. In the States, shipping estimates have slipped back, but only until September 25th.

Via: 9to5Mac

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