Chart: Long delays expected for all carriers with iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s delay chart

If you’re waiting on an iPhone 5s like many others, the wait may not be as short as you’re hoping. The wait times for the device range from as little as under seven days, up to 56 days just for Sprint alone. The chart above, which was created by BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, shows the estimated shipping times for each color and memory combination  for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint as well as showing Apple’s generic “October” time frame for shipping from its online store.

While it may not seem like it should take too long to get the new device, it is worth noting that this goes up to an almost two month delay. That means that some may not receive their devices until late November if they order now. Even worse, carriers have been pushing most time frames back over the past few days, meaning that if you want an iPhone 5s before the holiday season, you may want to act now and place an order as there is a chance that the devices could be further backordered in the coming weeks.

Have you already placed an order for the iPhone 5s? If so, when are you expecting to get your hands on the device? If not, do you regret not placing an order sooner? Drop a comment below!

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Ben49er

    My order was received by Apple at 12:19 am Sep 20th, ships 7-10 days, shows Oct 8-11 as delivery date. Gold iPhone 5S 32 gig.

  • As I’m sticking with AT&T, I’m glad I decided on white and not gold.

  • AMacSpecialist

    The Apple store gets tons of them almost every day. The only downside is you have to go in early to get them.

  • A1iRaja

    What about T-Mobile? TMobileHelp

  • jwild49

    Ordered a gray iPhone 5s 32GB on Saturday Sept 21 from Verizon! Ship date expected Oct 28th!! I’m not holding my breath! Should have ordered iPhone 5 instead!!

  • fmpros

    I ordered a gray 5s 32GB on 9/21 from sprint.  They are quoting 3 weeks or less from the order date.

  • MarkLeeds

    @Ben49er Mine too, but why is it still showing as processing and not shipped?  It is past 10 days since the 20th.

  • wiersthemusic

    Ordered the Gray 5s 16GB on 9/21 from Verizon retailer, Estimated Delivery 10/20….WHAT A JOKE

  • drees39550

    Ordered 5S 64G Gold from AT&T on Oct 1. Site shows Expected Ship Date: 11/08/2013 To 11/28/2013 .

  • urked mom

    My daughter bought her 5S 32G Gold from Sprint on 10/5/13, expected delivery was quoted at no more then 3 weeks. we are in week 5+ weeks & counting!!!

  • drees39550

    drees39550 I recieved my 5S 64G Gold on Nov 5