Call of Duty: Strike Team launched on App Store as iOS exclusive

Call of Duty Strike Team

Today, iPhone gamers have some pretty big (and awesome) news! It was announced today by Activision that Call of Duty: Strike Team has been launched as an exclusive iOS game on the App Store. This is the first mobile Call of Duty game ever released by Activision. Previously, the game had been released on Xbox, PS3, Mac, and PC and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The game was developed so that users could play in either first person or third person views to give the game a unique experience, and to let the player choose which experience they wanted when playing CoD. There are also different modes to the game to give the player even more control over their experience with the game. Below is a statement from Mark Washbrook, a developer for the mobile developer studio, The Blast Furnace.

By giving fans the option to play in either first-person or third-person  views, and to switch between them on the fly, we’ve really opened the doors for  gamers to have a fun and entertaining gameplay experience with Call of Duty:  Strike Team, because they can play the game the way they want.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is available now in the iOS App Store for $6.99. The game is pretty memory heavy, weighing in at 1.31GB, but for Call of Duty fans, it will be well worth it. If you’re interested in checking out the game, head on over to the App Store and start downloading it now!

Source: Cult of Mac

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