Burberry London Fashion Show captured entirely on iPhone 5s

Last week, it was announced that Burberry’s London fashion show would be filmed in its entirety on the brand new iPhone 5s.

Now, Burberry has posted the 15 long minute video “shot exclusively on the iPhone 5S”. The feat was achieved with 14 iPhone 5s smartphones, each recording and also live streaming to Burberry Stores, Facebook and Vine. 9 of the phones were placed along the runway, a further 3 were placed on a moving rail. One iPhone 5s was placed on the roof for some nice overview shots, and the final iPhone was placed on a jimmy rig outside for celeb shots.

The film is actually very reminiscent of much of Apple’s PR offerings, with tasteful music and crisp lighting.

The video looks absolutely stunning in 720p. The shots taken from the stationary iPhones are brilliant, and the wider shots from the moving iPhones are also incredible. There’s absolutely no image blurring, shots are stable and always well focused. You can really see the improvements that Apple has made to its camera in the iPhone 5s.

Apple’s iPhone 5s will ship with a larger sensor, bigger pixels and an aperture of f/2.2 which allow more light to enter the shot. It also features live video zoom, allowing you to zoom in up 3x whilst recording video. These, combined with the already mentioned image stabilization make for some absolutely stunning results, which can be seen in the Burberry fashion shoot.

One of the coolest camera features to ship with this iPhone will be slow-motion video, allowing you to shoot at 120 fps and then play back any part at quarter speed, for some really cool slow-mo footage.

I personally feel that the new camera, coupled with some excellent iOS 7 features, is perhaps one of the greatest features of the new iPhone 5s. The brand new capabilities will make for some absolutely stunning photography.

Are you excited about the iPhone 5s camera? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Via: 9to5 Mac

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