Apple TV software overhaul coming September 18th – Enhanced AirPlay in tow

Apple is planning to overhaul its Apple TV software on September 18th, according to reports from AllThingsD this morning (Wednesday).

With no expected hardware update, Apple instead plans an “internal overhaul” to “tweak” the Apple TV’s AirPlay feature, an incredibly popular feature of the Apple TV, which allows streaming to the TV from any iOS or Mac device. The reports today are suggesting that the update will allow the streaming of purchased content from iTunes to another individuals TV, directly from the cloud, even if the device in question is registered to a different Apple ID. Such a feature would be similar to Google’s Chromecast. This would mean customers can play their owned content on someone else’s device without them first logging out, provided the purchase is verified using an iOS device first. There are also rumors of second screen capabilities that may be featured in the next update. It’s also very likely that Apple will add new channels and some other software updates to its Apple TV.

apple tv

With no real hardware update needed, Apple’s expansion of its content repertoire, through deals made with Vevo, Disney and Sky, have made the Apple TV a formidable device in recent months. It’ll be really exciting to see what else Apple can do to make it even better!


Via: Apple Insider

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