Apple preparing Apple Store app update to show customers iPhone 5s availability?

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 3.12.10 PMWith the iPhone 5s release on the horizon many are starting to question how much supply there is going to be, seeing as there were no preorders for the device this year. The iPhone 5c has had more than enough stock for its preorders, with very few getting sold out so far (the unlocked yellow was first to go). Supplies are going to be constrained, however, for the iPhone 5s launch this coming Friday, according to sources speaking with¬†9to5Mac.¬†The sources put the estimates at 70%-80% of stocked new iPhones for Friday’s launch are going to be the iPhone 5c, leaving only the rest of the room for iPhone 5s. Supposedly Apple is expecting the “space grey” color of device to be the most popular, so it’s likely that will get the most attention stock-wise.

Concerns over iPhone 5s availability have been coming up since it was revealed that there would not be a preorder for the device, and it seems Apple may even be working on an update to its Apple Store app in order to let users check their local Apple Stores for stock of the iPhones. If this is true, it’s likely that this update will see a release very soon as the device is obviously launching this Friday. I’m one of the people planning on waiting outside my local Verizon store in order to pick up a new iPhone 5s, and am hoping that there will be enough for me to grab one (hoping for a white/silver 32GB). It will be interesting to hear what the numbers are like without there being any preorders for the device, ut it is likely this is caused because of supply constraints being directed to in-store purchases.

What do you think? Are you going to be camping? Excited for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac


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  • mhettrich

    I’m debating still if it’s worth an upgrade from my iPhone 5. Even if I do wind up pulling the trigger, it won’t be on day one.

  • kylem12

    I’ve had an iPhone 4 for 3 years now… So pumped for my green 5C to come in the mail on Friday :)

  • TheJulacker

    I’m planning on getting the exact same model, Kyle! Good luck camping! :)