Apple increasing hiring for iAd team before iTunes Radio launch

logo-iadApple, it appears, is trying to work on scaling up its iAd team before the inevitable launch of iTunes Radio, which will most likely come sometime around the September 10th event next week. According to the report from Ad Age, Apple has posted 40 different iAd related job listings in August alone, 5 of which were via its own site with the other 35 coming via LinkedIn. Up until now, the iAd service has only been used on iOS applications, but with iTunes Radio will bring audio and video advertisements; something that Apple hasn’t done with 3rd party companies before.

Part of the report is saying that Apple could be hiring all the new people to the iAd team in order to help strengthen its ad creating team, as Apple likes to have a lot of the creative control over iAd in order to give each one an “Apple look and feel,” meaning it feels like it should belong on an Apple product (take the iAds found in iOS, for example). Linda Waste, senior recruiting manager at Apple, is said to be leading the search, which would make sense given her position. Some companies that are said to be already in the mix for iAd on iTunes Radio include McDonald’s, Pepsi, Nissan, and Proctor & Gamble.

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Via: Ad Age


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