Apple expected to sell 5-6 million iPhones this weekend


Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray loves to make Apple predictions. He is most widely known for his constant predictions about an Apple television set, but he is also known to make sales predictions for new iDevices. Today, he announced that he expects Apple to sell around five or six million iPhones this weekend.

Munster used last year’s launch numbers of the iPhone 5 (3 million in stores and 2 million pre-orders) to predict the sales of the upcoming devices. He anticipates that the Cupertino firm will sell 3 million iPhone 5c devices, and around 2.5 million iPhone 5s devices. While speaking of the 5c number, Munster said, “Our estimate for the 5C is 3 million units sold during the launch weekend including 1 million online pre-orders and 2 million in stores.” While the iPhone 5s number may seem pretty low, this is because Apple is not allowing pre-orders for the device. Many have speculated that the lack of pre-orders is because of a low supply, and Munster believes that the company will sell out its inventory of the devices this weekend when they go on sale. “Given last year’s in-store sales numbers, we are comfortable that Apple could sell 2.5 million iPhone 5S units this launch weekend,” said Munster.

Even though the numbers seem surprisingly low to most, it is still likely that Apple will have a successful launch weekend, and could even make the demand last longer due to the (rumored) shortage in iPhone 5s production.

How many device do you expect Apple to sell this weekend on the launch of its new iPhones? Do you think Munster’s prediction is accurate?

Source: AppleInsider


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