Analysts predicts 6-8 million iPhone 5s and 5c sales on opening weekend

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has predicted that Apple’s two new iPhones will bring in sales of around 6m units on opening weekend, based on a comparison of queue length outside various Apple retail stores.

Munster’s estimations are based on the New York, Minneapolis and San Francisco lines. Whilst these lines were found to be longer than the lines for the iPhone 5 last year, Munster has made some allowance for the fact that the iPhone 5s was not available for preorder. Based on this, Munster reiterated Piper Jaffray’s estimate of sale between 5 and 6 million iPhones to be sold over the opening weekend. Those figures are inclusive of both new devices.

This is just half the queue...

In contrast Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI has predicted that Apple is likely to shift up to 8 million devices on opening weekend. Either figure would be excellent news for Apple, and would relieve some fear that demand for Apple’s new devices would not be as high as demand for the 5 last year.

It remains to be determined whether Apple might have enjoyed even greater opening weekend success had it placed the iPhone 5s alongside the 5c in pre-orders, allowing customers to order both devices. It’s also very likely that the massive shortage of iPhone 5s models, particularly the white and gold models, will have a fairly negative impact on Apple’s overall performance this weekend.

Despite these shortage, Piper Jaffray’s target price for AAPL now stands at $640, with earning per share estimated at $45.70.


Via: Apple Insider

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