2K Sports releases 2K Drive for iOS

2K Sports has just released its brand new racing title for iOS, 2K Drive.

2K Drive was announced last month, and now today, 2K Sports is promising to deliver “the most immersive automotive experience to ever hit your iPhone & iPad”.

2K Drive boasts several impressive features, which means that on paper, the app should deliver a very good experience. It features real licensed cars, “console quality graphics”, multiplayer racing, authentic driving environments, awesome personlization features, live news feeds and dynamic content which updates challenges regularly. The’res also RaceFace, a feature which allows you to put your face in the game and behind the wheel.

With Real Racing 3 such a dominant force in the iOS driving market, its important that 2K Drive makes a big impact with lots of good features. One of the biggest advantages I can see is the move away from the freemium model and in-app purchases. 2K Drive will cost $6.99 , and hopefully, won’t entail any further purchases designed to boost your driving experience.

It remains to be seen whether 2K Drive will offer an experience equal to, or perhaps superior to Real Racing 3. 2K has lots of promising features, so if you’re a racing fanatic, or you’re looking for a fresh iOS racing experience, then 2K Drive is certainly worth considering. It’s available on iOS now, for both iPhone and iPad. App Store



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