Yelp update finally allows users to write review via mobile app


Yelp, a service for rating different businesses, etc, for others to see, has just been updated to bring a feature long-absent from the application: add review. As you can see above, next to the “Add Photo,” “Check In,” and “Bookmark” buttons is the new “Add Review” button. Here is the change log for the new version 7.0.0:

What’s New in Version 7.0.0

Today’s release is pretty epic, and we’re not kidding around. Are you sitting down? You might want to sit down. Starting today, you can add reviews from your phone! Visit any business page, tap “add review”, and go bananas.

This is good, as Yelp integration has been growing and growing in iOS ever since Siri came along, especially in the new Maps app as well. Siri can give you Yelp reviews, as can the new Maps app that came with iOS 6. So it only makes sense that Yelp would bring the ability to add reviews to its iOS app. You can get the app here if you don’t have it: Yelp.

What do you think? Do you use the Yelp app? Glad to see this added? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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