Wozniak: Apple should create “totally different” phone instead of iPhone 5C

Most recent rumors point to Apple producing a low-cost iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5C. This iPhone will reportedly be to target emerging markets such as China, and introduce a cheaper iPhone, allowing for unsubsidized purchases at a reasonable price. While this seems like a project that is possibly long overdue, it appears that not every well known Apple figurehead likes the idea of the iPhone 5C.

In his recent interview with Reuters, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discusses his view on the rumored upcoming iPhone 5C. While he agrees that a device is needed to target emerging markets, his view on the cheaper device is much different than what is rumored to be announced next month. Wozniak suggests that Apple should work closely with partners in China to develop a device that would have mass appeal in the market. While he admits that this may not be a well received view (he said it may be “almost treasonous”), Woz believes that developing a device with input from local partners would help increase the appeal of the device.

In addition, one of the most surprising comments, is that Woz doesn’t believe that the device should be called an iPhone. It should be a “totally different” phone from the iPhone in order to differentiate between the two devices. While the often-leaked iPhone 5C isn’t official yet, it looks as if the device will be launched, it Wozniak may not be too happy with the device.

What do you think? Should Apple release the iPhone 5C that we’ve seen leaked, or should they develop a completely different device for emerging markets, and not use the “iPhone” branding? Drop a comment below and let us know!

Source: CNET

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  • OzualdoCuevas

    I think Wozniak ain’t Apple no more just a tail spin from Google and Samsung. I think Apple relationship with its own production line partnership with suppliers is the key differential factor upon among China’s own OEMS. Seems Samsung is sending a subliminal message to Apple along with Mr Woz comments.

  • jabombardier

    I think they should just keep it the way it is. How different can a phone be for emerging markets when this markets practically use the same phones we are using sans some features? Further more, I believe two things should happen. Either the sell this iPhone 5C in markets where they aren’t selling well or pull out of those markets altogether. I say the latter for if this new lower cost phone doesn’t pan out well

  • DrewPage

    Oh great, more nonsense from Woz.  If he really cared about Apple, he’d still be working there.  Its pretty easy to play armchair CEO and criticize.

  • charries96

    Simply put; Great words of wisdom Steve!

  • nanian102