Why iPhones are made in China [Infographic]

It is a well known fact that iPhones, as are most Apple devices and other consumer electronics, are assembled and mostly built in China. However, what most people don’t know are where exactly all the parts come from, why they come from where they do, and who it is making them there. Well, Alex Hillsberg of Finances Online created a wonderful inforgraphic to explain all of this. Something interesting found inside the inforgraphic is when it says “The no. 1 reason to outsource is FAST not cheap labor.” The issue, it suggests, isn’t that manufacturing in the United States would be so much more expensive (actually he estimates the devices would only be $2-3 more if built here), it is that it would take too long to staff somewhere that could actually build them. If you are interested, below is the full infographic, or visit Finances Online to see it as well: Finances Online.

iPhone-infographicWhat do you think? What parts surprised you? Did any of it? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDB, Finances Online


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  • chrissunner2001

    I noted that much of the stuff done in the U.S. is design and development. It’s the brainy work that’s left here. I feel sorry for the assembly line worker. Time to upgrade your skills if you want to stay competitive.

  • Mike Rassmusen

    The debate about outsourcing American manufacturing jobs is moot and academic now. It will be hard for us to get these back like the Apple jobs. It makes sense for Apple to tap Chinese factories because these companies can assemble iPhones ten times faster and they can scale their operation exponentially almost overnight. How can you compete with that? The infographic suggests that our way to go is to specialize. Specialize on what? Eventually, the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese will catch up with our product technologies, if they haven’t yet. Forget Samsung, it has overtaken Apple now. Watch out for Huawei. Even Samsung is weary of this Chinese upstart.

  • guest

    I accually don’t understand why china makes everything when we can ??????

  • guest