“TV Shows” section missing from Apple TV, inaccessible on iTunes

Photo Aug 29, 2 30 35 PMFor some odd reason, the “TV Shows” section has gone missing from the Apple TV. As you can see above, the picture was taken from my own personal Apple TV, and the TV Shows section should appear between “Movies” and “Music,” but as you can see it is nowhere to be found. I’m running the latest beta of Apple TV software that is available to developers (hence the iTunes Radio option), but this has been seen on devices not running this version of the software as well.

Users are also reporting that TV Shows are not currently available in iTunes either, which is very odd indeed. If you are to click on “TV Shows” at the top of the iTunes Store on your desktop, it send you right back to the home tab, never loading the TV Shows section at all. Nowhere has Apple indicated any reasoning for this, so users are being left in the dark for now. Obviously something is going on, the only question is what?

What do you think? Wonder what the reason is? What could it be? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppAdvice


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  • Rachiieann

    Glad to know to know its not just me. Called apple and they were not much help. Tried restoring and nothin happened. Hopefully it gets resolved soon..

  • pseagraves

    Since the previous update, mine is still there I am just unable to connect to iTunes/iCloud.  I can only stream things from ESPN, VEVO, Netflix, etc.

  • pseagraves

    Since the previous update mine is still there.  It just will not connect to iTunes/iCloud.  Rather I can only stream things from ESPN, Netflix, etc

  • nanian102


  • http://www.joshspadd.com/ JerenYun

    Interesting… Wonder if this is a clue relating to Apple’s “iTV” or whatever it may be called. There might be some update of the TV part of the service that brought it down.

  • Leon1874

    Why a Smart watch is necessary?