Top Stories This Week: iPhone 5S and 5C rumors, leaks and a new iWatch concept

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With the iPhone lineup’s next entrants only a few weeks away, there’s no surprise at all that the stories dominating this week’s iOS headlines were to do with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Apple’s next flagship and rumored budget model have been the talk of the town. We’ve seen even more leaks than in previous weeks, we’ve already confirmation that Apple will be selling a gold iPhone come September. Check out the main stories below and let us know what you think about Apple’s iPhone plans. Are the two rumored devices enough, or do we need another, bigger iPhone? (Headlines – as always – are links to the original stories.)

1. iPhone 5S to have fingerprint scanning home button, and iOS 7 for iPad may be delayed

It’s not the first time we’ve read about the iPhone 5S having a fingerprint scanner. While I’m unconvinced, and there have been no leaks to suggest it’s coming, the speculation just won’t go away. Also, it turns out that iOS 7 may not be available to iPad users at the same time as it is for iPhone. Apparently, it’s not ready.

2. iPhone 5C sees new black color in leaked pictures

Too bad this one turned out to be a fake. Apple is almost certainly not going to release a black iPhone 5C. The colors we can expect will be blue, yellow, white, green and red. Shame, I really liked the look of the black shell that leaked.

3. New iWatch concept shows sleek, curved design with iOS 7

We’ve seen or heard little new about the iWatch for months, and now we’ve seen a brand new concept designed by Frank Ciccaresse. It’s beautiful, but does look a little impractical.

4. Poll shows improved battery life is most requested feature for new iPhone

Consumers obviously have set features they really want to see on a new device. Apparently the most requested improvement to the iPhone is a better battery life. With devices like the HTC One, Lumia 925 and Moto X all capable of lasting a couple of days on a full charge, the iPhone’s 1-day life cycle is looking a little ridiculous.

5. Gold iPhone 5S “confirmed” by AllThingsD

Rumors emerged last week that Apple could release a gold iPhone. I didn’t believe it at first, then we saw leaks and got “confirmation” by AllThingsD. Looks like it’s happening, but it’s not gaudy bright gold, it’s ‘champagne’.



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