Survey: 95% of app developers updating for iOS 7, 52% ditching older versions

One of the great things about iOS is that when an update to the software comes out, everyone gets it at the same time, regardless of device or carrier. The only sticking point is normally when an iPhone or iPad gets so old that it’s no longer supported by the latest platform version. With iOS 6, Apple said goodbye to updating the iPhone 3G, with iOS 7, it’ll be the iPhone 3GS’ turn.

With its seventh incarnation, iOS is taking a brave new route and changing design in a way we’ve not seen in its 6 years of existence. And, with that, comes the inevitable change in design of all our favorite apps. Developers need to create programs that don’t just fit on the iPhone’s screen and scale well, they need to fit in with the operating system. If they don’t, they will be left behind.

With that in mind, Craig Hockenberry over at posted results of a small survey he conducted of over 575 app developers to see what their plans were for iOS 7. Unsirprisingly, a vast majority of them are updating the look and feel of their apps for the upcoming software launch:


Of that 97%, over half of them are leaving iOS 6 by the wayside and developing apps that will only work on iOS, and not on any older versions of the operating system.

The fact that so many are working hard on redesigns does mean that there should be plenty of iOS 7 compatible/optimized apps ready for the public launch next month.

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