Saying Goodbye [VID]

After three years and one month, my time at Today’s iPhone has finally come to an end. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who watched and shared the videos I made and the articles I wrote, and to the whole Today’s iPhone team.

To Cam, who I’ve known just about as long as I’ve been on the site, it’s been amazing working with you and I’m really going to miss it. To the rest of the TiP team, past or present, you’ve all been so great and I could never have imagined when I was applying for an internship 3 years ago that I would get the chance to work with such a talented and passionate group of people.

I’ve learned things from all of you that I’ll carry with me forever. It’s hard to know that I’ll never again be part of the fantastic chaos of Skype calls and articles and videos that goes along with every Apple keynote, but I’ll definitely be watching from the other side of the site.

So, once again, whether you’re a reader, viewer, contributor, commenter, or anything else that has to do with TiP, thank you!

Don’t be strangers,
Jake Rosati


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  • Dwinbush2

    Bye Jake. You will be missed!

  • TheRealWillHill

    That makes me sad! But I’m thinking you have some amazing things ahead for you. I wish you all the best, tip_jake , and thank you for the replies to my tweets.

  • kevindantoine

    Aww… I’m sad. Let’s get jake a huge twitter follow “going away present”..

  • Olirood

    Goodbye and good luck, starting watching your vids and following the site wen I got a iohone4, always informative and worth watching, sure you have great things ahead of you man

  • ChristianHauser

    We’ll miss you! You seemed so sad at the end! D: Hope you enjoy your new Internship/job!

  • JustinBoulay

    Way to go Jake, you will be missed!

  • JustG_87

    we will miss you Jake! =)

  • TanJieQiJackie

    You will be missed…

  • awining02

    Will be missed and hope to see you soon again online on the Internet maybe somewhere some other tech website or something down the road.

  • xuxu