Poll: Which will be Apple’s most important new product this fall: iOS 7, iPhone 5S or a new iPad?


This fall is set to be a busy one for the iPhone makers. We’re expecting a handful of new devices, but which will be the most important to ensure that Apple’s keep capturing the attention of consumers and changes common opinion that it may be lacking in ‘mojo’.

We’re expecting to see the iPhone 5S land alongside the new operating system. iOS 7 is colorful, beautiful and much more intuitive than older versions of iOS. It’s almost like having a new device just having it installed on an existing one.

Then there’s the new iPads. We’re pretty sure a 5th generation iPad is going to arrive with slimmer bezels than the current 9.7″ device. But, will we see a new mini? Latest rumors speculate that Apple hasn’t decided yet and that the choice hinges on the Retina display.

And then there’s the white unicorn: iPhone 5C. We’ve seen so many supposed leaked parts for the budget, plastic iPhone that it’s hard to deny it being a real possibility. Then again, it may not exist. However, if it is launched, you can guarantee that in countries like India, China and Brazil where smartphone markets are growing exponentially it’ll prove a massive hit, taking Apple’s market share and growth back up to a healthy level again.

So, you can approach the poll from more than one angle. Which is most important to Apple and which is most important to you, the consumer.


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  • 12.Bryce

    Im waiting for the macbook pro refresh.

  • Jonnydeb

    @12.Bryce I’d like a MacBook Air retina