Poll shows improved battery life is most requested feature for new iPhone

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The next iPhone, most likely dubbed the iPhone 5S, is expected to be announced sometime next month. Until then, guessing games will continue on what new features will be included in the updated smartphone. We’ve heard rumors of everything from fingerprint scanners to new colors to higher capacity phones. While these could all be great new additions to the iPhone 5S, the real question is what do the consumers want in the next Apple phone? USA Today conducted a poll of random passers by in Venice Beach, California, and the result may surprise you. Most people didn’t request a fingerprint scanner, or more memory on their phone. The most requested features was, in fact, improving the battery life.

If you own an iPhone 5 (and especially if you are running iOS 7 beta), you know that the battery life could be better. While I get through most days, I frequently have to plug in my phone for quick charges throughout the day. While this isn’t a huge inconvenience for me (I do sit by my computer quite a bit), for those that are constantly on the go, an external battery pack may be necessary. The Cupertino company did focus quite a bit on battery technology during its announcement of the new MacBook Air line during WWDC in June, so it isn’t a stretch to believe that the battery could be improved in the next iPhone.

However, the suggestions didn’t stop at the battery. Others suggested things such as improved Siri listening (amen!), waterproofing, and uncrackable screens. One even suggested more color options, and if recent rumors are true, that one could be coming true very soon!

We want to hear from you! What would be your most requested feature in the iPhone 5S? Would you go with better battery life? Waterproof iPhone? Colors? Something even more wacky and crazy? Let us know by leaving your wish list of features in the comments section.

Source: USA Today

Via: PhoneArena

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  • FrankRegalado

    a 5 inch screen

  • uwatto

    Yep,battery and ability to download new keyboards in the AppStore

  • Marco B

    Bigger Screen, 128 GB, and BETTER BATTERY LIFE!!!!

  • RussellDalton

    The only thing that would make me get the 5s IS AN IMPROVED BATTERY LIFE, it’s pathetic in a iPhone 5

  • Applefangirl

    I call bs on that headline. . BIGGER SCREEN!

  • DavidVoros


  • jabombardier

    Battery life for me is stil pretty good. That said, I would like them to continue to improve maps, and add more features to the camera.

  • xuxu