Next iPhone already getting joked about by comedians

Comedians make fun of everything; from politicians, to Hollywood stars, and even technology companies get made fun of. Well, TV shows hosts David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon have already taken to Apple’s rumored next generation iPhone in order to make some new jokes, in particular talking about the rumored fingerprint scanner and iOS 7’s “Frequent Locations” feature, which also pokes fun at the NSA scandal. As the video above shows, the fingerprint scanner could come in handy for certain people (read: scandalous politicians).

Apple is expected to be announcing the next generation iPhone, expected to carry the moniker iPhone 5S, at an event in September. Alongside that is supposedly going to be the oft rumored iPhone 5C, or budget iPhone that everyone is highly expecting to come in a few different plastic-backed colors. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what jokes are made after the iPhones get announced, assuming they both come of course. You can watch part of both Letterman’s and Fallon’s bits about the next iPhone in the video above.

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Via: AppAdvice, USA Today

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