Meet MagBak, the iPad mounting system for people who hate unnecessary bulk

Here at TiP we see our fair share of iPad and iPhone accessories. Whether they be cases, stands, speakers or charging kits. It’s not often that a product comes along that really sparks our interest, and sets itself up as unique. MagBak, a KickStarter project which has already been fully funded twice over with 19 days to go, is one of those.

From the outside, the design looks very simple and if you were to see the MacBak stuck to the rear of an iPad, you would be forgiven for thinking little other than ‘I wonder what that does’. Essentially, it solves a number of problems.

Firstly, each ‘pad’ stuck on the rear shell of the table is magnetic. So, you can use it to mount your iPad on to metallic objects. Rather handily, if you want to mount it to a regular non-metallic surface – like a wall for instance – the company’s also designed a simple and minimalist metal O-ring. The circular shape and the magnets combined ensure that you’re not restricted to just portrait or landscape mounting. You can have the iPad any which way you like. The magnets also work well with the Smart Cover, for when you want to hid your cover away, you can swing it around the back and it secures it snugly without any real effort.

Secondly, the outer material is a grippy silicone, much like the material used in Uguard’s iPhone and iPad skins. It’s incredibly grippy, almost to the point of stickiness, helping it to stay securely place on even the slipperiest surfaces. And they’re the perfect shape to provide a comfortable grip for your hands.

Personally, I hate bulk, and to have the convenience of just being able to place it on my fridge, or kitchen wall for reading recipes, or watching Nigella Lawson show me how to cook the perfect Meatza (that’s a pizza with a meat base instead of dough), it’s just ideal.

It’s available in six colors and can be yours if you pledge from as little as $24 on KickStarter. And, just in case you’re worried, I’ve been assured that even if Apple’s next iPad is a little smaller, it should fit. If it doesn’t they’ll redesign it and offer the newer design to backers for only $9.

To pledge, head on over to the KickStarter page.

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  • KVKdragon

    Pretty interesting product but how strong are those magnets really? And do the magnets in the case affect the iPad’s screen and memory?

  • MagBak4iPad

    The magnets are really strong – N52s and there’s lot of them.
    Also iPad is not effect by magnets – the smartCover made by apple has about 20 magnets in it. Apple would use magnets in the Smart Cover if it could be problem for iPad. All memory is solidstate

  • Ok, this is a facinating product.  Something so simple I actually believe in it.  This is not only an accessory but should be a new standard for the iPad.  @MagBak4iPad I hate to say it but I think Apple should buy you out and incorporate this as a built in product.