Leak shows iPhone 5C back with black front glass [Photos]

5C-lens+frame+back-coer+side-deys-ori-new-01So the rumored iPhone 5C release could be just around the corner, if all the rumors are to be believed. We’ve seen renders and leaks of all different colors, but one of those renders took it a little far in saying that maybe we will see colored glass fronts to match that of the devices backs. Well, according to the leak today that comes in the form of images, that isn’t true. Just like the black Apple logo on the back, the front glass will most likely be black. However, I wouldn’t doubt that the white version of the phone will get a white front, but that’s just a guess.

Of course Apple could do what it has done with iPod touch 5th generation and give them all white front panels, but this leak obviously suggests Apple is instead opting to match that black Apple logo that is found on the back of all the rumored backings. This device is expected to be launched, or at least announced, alongside the iPhone 5S at a rumored September 10th event. If you want to see more pictures of the backing with the front panel, check out the gallery below.

I would be a lot more interested in the iPhone 5C if the black version from yesterday were to have been real, but later it was revealed that it was indeed a fake. I still find it odd that Apple would not do a black version of the device, seeing as the white/black combos have been what Apple has always done for the iPhone. Nonetheless, if Apple isn’t making a black version it must not see a reason to make it. I will always wonder what that reason is, however.

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