Landcam: All-in-one camera and photo editor [Review]

There are plenty of photo editing apps on the App Store. You can find applications for pretty much anything; apply filters and textures, add text, adjust levels, crop and rotate, and plenty of other things.

For those of us that like to edit their photographs before sharing them on social networks, it can be quite common to spend a lot of time in various photo editing apps, sending photos from one to the other, in order to get the desired effect.

Landcam wants to streamline that process for you by being your all-in-one photo editor – a bold aim.

On first opening the app, you’ll be greeted by the camera interface so you can quickly snap a picture along with the option to import one from your Camera Roll. If you want to spend a little longer composing your shot, then you can make use of the grid lines and focus and exposure (as well as double exposure) tools.

After that, you’re taken into editing mode where you crop your photo to the ever-popular square shape before delving further into the editing possibilities.

The app contains over 30 pre-set filters that have been painstakingly selected, the ability to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, fade, grain, saturation and all the other expected image controls, as well as a bunch of border, fonts, sketches, textures, shapes and light leaks that can be applied to your photos.

Applying each effect or adjustment is doable with just a tap and can be undone just as easily.

I was really blown away by the editing capabilities of this app and the possibilities are truly amazing. Pretty much anything the mobile photographer needs is right at your fingertips and, not only that, the interface makes the process really accessible and enables users to try their hand at photo editing.

After you’re done editing your photo, you can share it on all the usual social networks, save it to your Camera Roll, or open it in any other app that supports the file type (which, as you’ll see from the screenshots above, is quite a few).

One slight problem with the app is that some of the filters, fonts and sketches are locked until you like Landcam on Facebook, although I suppose a like is a small price to pay for the amount of work that has gone into this app and the publicity could be very valuable to the developers. Having said that, this could be more than slightly annoying for those who don’t use Facebook, however few that may be.

I also think that the app should enable the editing of photos other than the square shape and I would hope that this is added in a future update. I am aware that it’s hip to be square these days, especially for social sharing, but this would be a very welcome addition in my opinion.

The app really does pack in pretty much all the editing capabilities you’re likely to need without feeling weighed down by them. The app is fluid and easy to use. The plethora of editing options are clear and simple.

However, the benefits of Landcam are severely undermined by the fact the images you create can only be exported at the low resolution of 640×640 pixels. This does reduce the overall value of the app and is disappointing.

For a version 1.0 app, it’s actually pretty great. Landcam has a clear aim and executes it superbly.

Landcam is taking on some pretty big players in the crowded photo editing category but at only £0.69/$0.99 it’s an absolute steal. Regardless of the price, I’d say that it has the functionality to take on any app in its category and I really can’t recommend it highly enough in terms of  interface and usability.

I just hope they enable the ability to export images at a higher resolution as this will make the app an even better prospect.

Check out Landcam in the App Store and let me know what you think. I’d love to know if it could replace any/all of the photo editing apps on your iPhone and feel free to tweet me your images edited using the app: @adamoram.

TiP rating: 7/10

iTunes link: Landcam

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  • DrewPage

    Nice app review.  Hip to be square, eh?  Huey Lewis fan? :)

  • adamoram

    Thanks, the app has just updated with high-res support too which is great! And I’m glad someone got that reference ;)