‘Jobs’ movie grosses $6.7M in opening weekend, Ashton Kutcher’s second worst movie opening, ever


When reviews came flooding in last week on Jobs, the Steve Jobs biopic movie, it became clear that the film wasn’t as great as everyone was hoping it might be. Possibly its only highlight was that Kutcher actually did an okay job at portraying Apple’s late, great co-founder. It was more the story, and the fact it felt more like an Apple promo than a real-life portrayal of Steve’s struggles and challenges that let it down.

The movie opened at almost 2,400 locations across the States and – over the weekend – was only the 7th highest grossing film out in theaters. Box Office Mojo reports that it grossed only $6.7 million. A country mile away from the $25 million grossed by the weekend’s biggest hit, The Butler. Compared to other movies starring Ashton Kutcher, it didn’t do so well either. In terms of opening weekend sales, it’s only ahead of My Boss’s Daughter. That terrible movie only grossed $4.9 million in 2003. Every other Kutcher movie has outperformed Jobs on opening.

As noted by Box Office Mojo:

Jobs had plenty of issues, including awful reviews and a comedy star playing dramatic (almost never a good idea). Most important, though, was the movie’s apparent tonal issues: while plenty of people enjoy their Apple products, the deification of Steve Jobs is a bit of a turn off. Jobs received a weak “B-” CinemaScore, and all indications are that it will disappear from theaters quickly.

In essence, if you want to see it, you’re going to need to go soon, since it’s unlikely to survive more than a few weeks at the box office.

Not only has it had poor reviews from Apple fans and movie reviewers, it’s drawn criticism from Apple employees and the company’s other co-founder, Steve Wozniak. All of whom stated that the picture did little to represent what really happened behind the scenes at the great tech company.

All I know from my side is that I’m happy to wait for the official biopic to arrive in cinemas. Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, it’s bound to be a better portrayal of Steve Jobs than this one. At least, I hope it is.

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  • MatteoRodrigo

    I saw Steve Wozniak interviewed on Bloomberg West and he said the movie was incredibly inaccurate and got a lot of facts wrong.  That wasnt quite a ringing endorsement.  He did say he is consulting on the other Jobs movie (think its aaron sorkin’s ) and is giving them input, but he’s super rich and doesnt need to skew his opinion for a few bucks.  He wasnt that impressed with the acting or the movie flow either…Not impressed by Kutcher and apparently theres been friction between them but said Josh Gad did good portraying him as an actor even though the story was false.

  • SunnyClark

    “a comedy star playing dramatic (almost never a good idea)” Thats just plain wrong, comedy actors can do drama better than drama actors doing comedy, look at robin williams, dead poets society was a great dramatic performance by a comedian….

  • xuxu