Infinity Blade 3 is on its way, according to LinkedIn CV

infinity blade 3

Infinity Blade is one of the most popular and most incredible game series’ to ever launch on iOS. Part of it was the iOS exclusivity, but for the most part, its success was down to the unrivaled graphics engine and gesture-controlled user interface. Both Infinity Blade and its sequel shot to to the top of the top games charts at launch, and so when the developers announced the decision to cancel the previously announced Infinity Blade: Dungeons last month, it came as something of a shock.

Thankfully, that’s not the end of Infinity Blade, and a developer CV on LinkedIn seemingly confirms the existence of a third title in the series. As reported by Kotaku:

In a fairly unsurprising development, a CV of a staffer at Infinity Blade dev Chair Entertainment mentions work on a yet-to-be-announced “Infinity Blade 3 for the iPhone.” Chair has been fairly quiet since the release of the final Infinity Blade II content pack last August, but its newly appointed community manager, former IGN editor Hilary Goldstein, heavily hinted at a new Infinity Blade earlier this month in his introductory post, and suggested we might see something in the coming months.

Whether or not the launch will coincide with a new iPad release like previous versions is yet to be seen, but I can’t think of anything better than a couple of workers from ChAIR getting up on stage during the iPad 5’s announcement in a couple of months’ time. (Presuming it falls in to a November launch as last year’s did.

Via: Kotaku

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