High quality images of the iPhone 5C’s rear shell appear in bright green [gallery]

iPhone 5c

Sonny Dickson’s been building himself something of a reputation in recent times for being a good source of leaks. Over the weekend he snapped and uploaded some high-res shots of the iPhone 5C’s rear shell in green. Granted, we’ve seen photos of the iPhone before, but Sonny’s really outdone himself showing the phone’s back panel in great detail. We saw the white one on Saturday. Today, it’s the green shell.

One thing I do wonder (apart from the fact if it’s going to be a genuine product) is: Will it suffer from the same issues as the 3G/3GS’ plastic shell. One weakness both phones had was that they’d develop small, hairline cracks around the various ports and switches around the edges. My own iPhone 3GS develop a small crack near the mute switch and power/lock key. I’ve seen dozens of cracks near the 30-pin connector on others as well as the volume buttons. Perhaps the more square shape on these will help to alleviate that issue.

Another consideration is if the device will cannibalize sales of the more premium iPhone 5 and upcoming 5S. We know – having seen the success of the iPad mini – that Apple doesn’t mind cannibalizing sales of its own devices. Its motto is “if we don’t, someone else will”. But then, if that happens, will there be a brand perception change? Currently, Apple is seen by many as a premium device maker (despite its popular iPod range). Could that change?

There are many questions surrounding the 5C, and we won’t get any answers until (or if) Apple launches the device at the iPhone launch event.

Via: SonnyDickson

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