Goodbye Jake, it’s been fun!


Back in 2010, when TiP first went online we went through something of a drastic change in personnel. Within 6 months of launching I think we’d lost a good handful of the original crew, and we opened it up to more applications. One of those ‘second wave’ applicants was Jake Rosati. He entertained us with his application video. It basically involved him hassling Apple on the phone over an issue that was well publicized at the time. He had to pull it. Regardless, he impressed the then managing editor and came onboard.

Since then he’s been rounding up the news – originally weekly, now daily – on our YouTube channel with style, whit and a personality that has endeared him to a lot of our subscribers. In many ways, he was always the face of TiP. At least, until Matt Sholly got onboard and I eventually plucked up the courage to start making my own videos. Then it was more the ‘Three Musketeers’..

Between summer 2010 and now, Jake very much became my right hand man. At one point, it was pretty much just myself and Jake posting news, and writing up articles each day. That period would have been impossible without him. Watching him develop from a young, enthusiastic vlogger in to a member of staff I could rely on to manage the site when I was away was a privilege. Our crew grew, and Jake started to edit work and was responsible for all video content on our channel and running our team of vloggers as well as editing the writing work of others when it hit evening in the States.

But as they say, “all good things come to an end” and it’s with a genuinely heavy heart that I have to say good-bye to Jake. We’d love for him to stick around, but he’s in his last year at college and recently got offered a fantastic opportunity interning at an agency. Truth is, with those two commitments, sticking around at TiP didn’t make any sense for him. As much as we’d love him too, sadly there are only 24 hours in each day.

As for TiP, and our YouTube channel, over the past year or so we’ve been making the effort to ensure that it’s not just been a one-man show. Matt and I will continue to make videos, and you’ll still get your news recaps and opinions. It’ll just be a different face and voice you’ll hear when you watch them. So, you need not worry about our video content dropping. We have some interesting changes coming up, and we’re genuinely excited for the future. But it goes without saying that we’re sad it won’t be including a certain Mr. Rosati.

If you want to tweet Jake and wish him well you can do. His @TiP_Jake twitter handle will be active for until Wednesday 21st. So please feel free to get in touch with him that way.

Although he’ll be disappearing off the blogosphere for a while, we’ll be keeping in touch with Jake when we can to see how he’s doing. He’s been much more than just a co-worker. He’s been my wing-man when I was just getting to grips with running the blog. I’m pretty sure I would not have coped without him.

Apart from me, Jake is the longest currently serving member of TiP, and is one I’m sure many of you will miss. He’s certainly going to be missed by the rest of our crew.

Myself and everyone here at TiP wish him the very best for the future.

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  • TiP_Griffin

    Thanks Cam. It’s been an absolute honor to get to know you and work with you these past three years. This site wouldn’t be anything close to what it is without you, and I’m just sad I won’t be around when you take it to the next level again. This may be the end of my work at TiP, but it’s definitely not the end of our friendship! Good luck, man.

  • EddieFlores

    Jake you were the main reason I came to idownload you will be missed

  • TiP_Cam

    @EddieFlores idownload? I think you’re confusing us with a different site. ;-)

  • EddieFlores

    @TiP_Cam @EddieFloreslol yea sorry

  • xuxu