Gold iPhone 5S chassis pictured alongside black and white iPhone 5 [Photos]


Rumors of the iPhone 5S being available in gold have only been around a little while, and already we’ve seen a couple of images showcasing the new color. I have to admit, when I first heard there might be a gold iPhone, I was a little fearful of what might be a gaudy and brash-looking device. Thankfully, evidence since has pointed towards a much more subtle ‘champagne’ gold which will more than likely only be available as a version of the white iPhone.

Images emerged today ( showing the gold color next to the current black/slate and white/silver models. And as you can tell, the gold color is indeed very subtle.

Unlike past leaks, the gold chassis in these photos includes the Apple logo and ‘iPhone’ branding. Both of which match those of the iPhone 5.

As well as being available in gold, it’s rumored that the 7th generation iPhone will feature an A7 chip which will not only be more powerful than the A6, but also up to 20% more efficient. There’s also been speculation that we could see a 128GB model this year. If so, it could mean that either Apple is looking to offer four different capacity models (as with the iPad) or that it will continue offering three, but ditching the 16GB model and making 32GB the lowest available capacity.

Other rumors and leaks have pointed towards the 5S having a similar MP camera, but with a dual LED flash and enhanced camera features. We’ve also read that the battery will be a little larger. If so, when combined with the more efficient processor, the iPhone 5S could have a longer battery life than the iPhone 5.

Of course, this is all just speculation for now, but there’s little of it that sounds too good to be true. The only really questionable rumor is that of the fingerprint sensor being built in to the home button. Leaked code from iOS 7 revealed that it was in Apple’s plans, but – apart from a slightly redesigned home button flex connector – there’s been little evidence of the home button being any different to the iPhone 5’s.

If rumors of a September 10th launch are true, we have very little time to wait and see if any of the rumors are true. But, following the accuracy of last years and rumors, I’d say most are very likely to be true.

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  • adamoram

    I really like it.

  • DrewPage

    I guess this color isn’t too bad.  Its not really a gold I think.  Its more champagne.  I think there are definitely markets out there that will love it.

  • RenC

    Yuk will not get gold. Only thing that looks good in gold is real gold