EA: FIFA 14 will adopt freemium format


Freemium apps are becoming the new thing with app and game developers for mobile devices. The model allows downloaders to play the game, or use the app, without having to pay for the download itself, and then offers in-app purchases to enhance the experience and unlock all features of the game or app. This model proves successful because many users only download free games or apps, and it draws users into the app, and if they like it, they then have the ability to purchase extra features. For companies like EA, this model has been much more successful than a set price game. For example, Plants vs. Zombies 2 adopted the model and has proven to be successful for the game giant.

Today, EA announced that it will be expanding its freemium format to the latest version of FIFA, the popular mobile soccer game. While it will most likely prove to be a hit for EA, I am not a fan of the freemium model for games. I would like to pay a set cost for the entire game, rather than have to pay for an in-app purchase to advance to certain levels within the game. There are still users, however, that prefer this format because it allows a certain amount of free play in the game. The latest FIFA game will be dropping in the App Store at some point later this year, and will be free to download.

What are your thoughts on the freemium format for games and apps? Would you rather pay for the entire functionality of the app all at once, or do you prefer having a free sneak peak into the features available to purchase? I’m sure many disagree, so be sure to leave a comment below and tell us which you prefer and why.

Source: iDownload Blog

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