Dungeon Keeper, popular 90s PC game, making its way to iOS later this year


Back in 1996 when a PC first landed in my family home, it came with a few demo CD-ROMs (remember those?), one of which featured a devilishly fun demo of Dungeon Keeper. Frustratingly, it didn’t work on the Windows 95 machine, and so a few years later when we updated to a new machine, I tried it out. And it worked. I was hooked. I didn’t care that because it was a demo I could only play one level over and over, I loved growing minions, mining gold, and possessing innocent ducks. It was so much fun.

If – like me – you spent far too much time in the 90s pretending to be an evil overlord, you’ll be delighted to know that EA will be bringing the title back to life in form of an iOS and Android game.

Horny’s Back and better than ever in Dungeon Keeper on mobile! Today, EA and Mythic studio announced a mobile reboot of the 1990s hit with the unveiling of Dungeon Keeper on site at EA’s Gamescom Business Lounge.  Coming to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices this winter, Dungeon Keeper provides an addictive mix of strategic building and tower defense; it’s a ground-breaking mobile experience that’s diabolically fun to its core.

As the hands-on overlord of your very own subterranean lair, design a devilish dungeon with expertly laid tunnels and traps, unearth treasures, and collect and command minions in a battle to dominate the ever-expanding underworld.  Invade other players’ dungeons and unleash the powers of the Hand of Evil™. Your opponents will tremble in fear at the sight of your army and the force of your spells as you lay waste to their defenses and destroy their dungeons!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. It’ll be top of my wish-list until it’s released. There’s no specific release date except to say it is definitely on its way in the final quarter of this year. I’ll be keeping you updated with any updates as they happen.


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