Cultural logistics game Dubai Delivery aims to change your perception of the city [Review]

Dubai Delivery is a cultural puzzle logistics game according to its developers Sentio Media.

In the game, available for iPhone and iPod touch, you control and manage a delivery company in the city of Dubai and are responsible for delivering parcels throughout the region.

However, the game’s purpose is not solely one of entertainment, rather an opportunity for its Dubai-based developers to refine the perception of Dubai globally by portraying its diverse communities and providing an accurate representation of running a business in the city.

If you’ve played logistics games before, the style of gameplay in Dubai delivery will feel familiar. You earn virtual currency to spend and have to wait for things to be completed, in this case parcels being delivered or licences being purchased, and you gradually widen your empire and increase in experience.

Playing Dubai Delivery is fun, if a little slow to get going. You start with a small number of depots and vehicles and, as you earn money and experience by making deliveries, gradually expand your business into new provinces and unlock new means of delivery.

Parcels differ in size and type and you can earn various combos by shipping certain parcels together or in certain orders. There seems to be an almost overwhelming amount of information to take in when you first play the game but as you play, you begin to pick up the most profitable ways of delivering your goods.

Along the way you’ll unlock historical facts and fun facts about the city of Dubai that were written by residents of Dubai of over 15 nationalities. Some of these are more interesting or entertaining than others, and I’d suggest that some of the spelling may need revisiting, but there are 300 of these facts which do offer an insight into Dubai and the UAE.

Once you really get into the game, it becomes increasingly addictive. I found that it was quite repetitive, as is the nature of this genre of game, but I was always wanting to unlock the next region or reach the next level which kept me playing the game at length.

The graphics are also great with a 3D map of Dubai being the basis of the game which features famous landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and the Palm Islands.

I’m not sure Dubai Delivery does quite enough to redefine the global image of Dubai, even bordering on indulging in stereotypes itself (such as licensing documents going missing or troublesome security guards), but it is a solid effort and a decent logistics game that can easily see you procrastinating for hours.

The game is free to play, and the in-app purchases are actually fairly reasonable too.

Check it out in the App Store and let me know what you think.

TiP rating: 7/10

iTunes link: Dubai Delivery

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