Apple TV updated, now features VEVO music videos, Disney and The Weather Channel


Over the past few weeks and months we’ve been reading rumors regarding VEVO making its way across to the Apple TV. Today, it finally has. In the latest over the air software update, Apple’s home entertainment device has been loaded up with VEVO, Disney, Disney XD, The Weather Channel and Smithsonian ‘apps’. All five of which are available in the States. Sadly – but unsurprisingly – only the VEVO app has made its way to the UK and other international countries.

These new additions certainly do bring to mind the recent rumblings that Apple is looking to help users “cut the cord” and ditch their cable service providers in favor of the Apple TV. And, with speculation that the company is planning to announce and release a new TV product this year at some point, boosting the options available on what used to be the company’s “hobby” device is a sure of showing us that they’re serious about it. With the ever growing list of on-demand channels available to stream, the need for traditional cable TV is reduced.

What do you think? Could you – US readers – quit your cable and go 100% Apple TV? If not, what does Apple need to do in order to convince you to ditch your TV subscriptions?

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • tomgee

    Ok I know the US is probably Apple’s initial market they want to satisfy but what about the rest of us outside the US? In the UK for example we have had to put up with fewer additional channels in each of the last two updates than the US. Not necessarily looking for parity but come on Apple surely you can do better than giving us crumbs at the table!

  • nanian102